A performance competence-based needs assessment of Missouri school-based agricultural educators in agricultural mechanics laboratory management

P. Ryan Saucier, Billy R McKim, Rob Terry, Leon G Schumacher


“…The shortage of qualified agriculture teachers is the greatest challenge facing FFA and agricultural education” (National FFA Organization, 2010, para. 2). Hence, it is imperative to establish and maintain a sufficient supply of well-prepared agricultural professionals (Doerfert, 2011). These professionals include agriculture teachers who possess the knowledge and skills needed to prepare a diverse workforce to address societal and industry challenges (Doerfert). This research investigated the laboratory management in-service needs of [STATE] agriculture teachers who were responsible for managing agricultural mechanics laboratories. Teachers’ performance competence was assessed using the Borich (1980) needs assessment model to determine the in-service needs of these teachers. The study found that teachers were in need of in-service education in numerous areas of laboratory management. Results indicated teacher educators and state supervisory staff should provide continuing education for teachers in the area of laboratory management through technical workshops, summer conferences, and university instructed graduate level courses.


performance competence-based needs assessment; agricultural education; agricultural mechanics; laboratory management

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